A Glimmer of Hope

Trouble always seems to find her.

If only he hadn’t been raised to help a maiden in need.

June 1878

Amaryllis Flanders—Amy for short—is tired of her sister, Jessica, constantly reprimanding her for her boyish ways. She wants to be involved in more than mindless housework or helping to tend her sister and brother-in-law’s babies. With her friend, Sarah’s, wedding taking place in Denver, Colorado, Amy can hardly wait to leave her home in Virginia and begin a grand adventure. But even she has no idea of the harrowing experience it will be.

Derrick Baldwin doesn’t know what hit him. He was engaged to Sarah Packard until she decided to marry her childhood friend. Now that the wedding’s been called off, he’s glad to see all of his guests leaving. He just wants to be left in peace. But the maddeningly spirited and foolish Amy unwittingly became the recipient of a mysterious package, and now, the package has suddenly disappeared. Whoever sent it wants it back, and they’re willing to kill to get it. The only way he can keep Amy safe is to become a Pinkerton agent and help her solve the case, hopefully before their luck runs out—or before he realizes that he has fallen in love with her.

Read each of the Pinkerton Matchmaker stories in any order. These agents give the phrase “married to your work” a whole new meaning!