A Lumberjack for Christmas

She’s running from an unwanted suitor. He’s avoiding his family obligations. When two small children need them to step in as parents, their hearts will bind in love.

1896 – Arizona Territory

Molly Crismon has a plan. As soon as she’s finished helping the couple in charge of taking a trainload of orphans to the Midwest to find homes for them, she’s going on to Arizona Territory where she’ll marry a man she’s been corresponding with. But a surprise in the form of a lumberjack is awaiting her when she gets there. Where is the man she was supposed to marry?

Tired of wealthy socialites pawing at him, Brandt Troonedale defied his parents and went westward to fell trees. Though it’s only seasonal work, he’ll keep moving around to other parts of the world to do what he enjoys rather than what his family expects. That is, until his friend meets with a deadly accident. Now two young children need Brandt, and he needs a wife. If only Molly Crismon didn’t look like all the other socialites he knew back home. The only difference? Her flaming red hair and sparkling blue-green eyes. He only wants their marriage to be one of convenience. But this Christmas, he’s getting a ready-made family. His biggest challenge won’t be climbing trees or pushing his endurance. It will be learning how to love.