A Love Revealed

She’s been waiting for the man of her dreams to notice her. What she doesn’t know is that he was there the entire time!

Arizona Territory – 1910

Becca Johnstone, the daughter of a cotton farmer, has had her eye on the banker’s handsome son for the past five years. Never mind that her good friend, Jeremiah Everson, has always been there for her, willing to help her family plant their crops. Or that he’s hinting he is interested in becoming more than just a friend. When Ross invites her to the local barn dance, Becca is overcome with joy. How can life get any better?

But when the big day finally arrives, it becomes clear that something isn’t right. Her escort has suddenly turned into a cold man, and Becca is left wondering what she did wrong or if she can even salvage what promised to be a lovely evening. Will Becca receive the desire of her heart and discover a love that lasts forever? Or will true love elude her in the end?

Take a step back in time and enjoy this sweet historical 15,000-word novelette set in southern Arizona, where the author is from, and where stories of pioneering people who met challenges head-on abound. Although this is a work of fiction, ancestral elements have been included to add authenticity to this short love story.