A Match Made at Christmas

A young astronomer. A seemingly old maid. An orphaned baby. By the time Christmas arrives, will they be a real family?

Arizona Territory – 1895

At age twenty, Deborah Hunter is discovering that approaching spinsterhood isn’t the horrible prospect her mother has led her to believe it would be. She wants more in life than just marriage and babies. But when the new astronomer in their small town of Pine Ridge suddenly becomes the guardian to his nine-month-old nephew, Deborah is called on to provide assistance. As she reluctantly accepts, little does she knows she’s about to start the adventure of her life by becoming part of a read-made family.

Helping his boss find the perfect location to build his revolutionary new observatory isn’t as easy as Jacob Bryers, young astronomer, thought it would be. Not only are some of the residents of Pine Ridge against the idea, but he’s suddenly been thrust into fatherhood and knows very little about taking care of a baby. Even worse, his faith has grown cold. When Deborah Hunter steps in at just the right moment, she offers more than just her help. She offers hope.

But there’s a new problem. While fighting feelings of attraction for each other, the baby’s grandparents show up on Jacob’s doorstep and want to take the baby back to their home in Boston. A marriage of convenience seems the best solution. Can something that started out so simple turn into more? Jacob and Deborah might need a Christmas miracle–or two–to heal their hearts and help them forge a new love.

Let your heart be touched by the magic of Christmas as you read this Christian romance by new historical Western romance author Julia Ridgmont.