Daring to Love Again

He’s been blinded by a woman before. Will daring to love again help him see the truth or put him in danger of losing everything?

Darius Clark’s sole ambition is to stay clear of scheming females. He’s already been burned by love once. He doesn’t want to repeat his mistakes of the past. What’s more, Jillian Yount’s father seems to see right through him. Darius knows he’ll never be able to convince the saw mill owner in Belle that he’s a decent man who will treat his daughter right, so why even try?

But when her father makes an unknown enemy, Darius finally gets a chance to prove his worth. Will he be able to piece together the truth in time to save both the saw mill and Jillian from his enemies? Can he unlock the pain from his past and embrace the future with a new heart? And will he finally find the courage to make Jillian a permanent part of his life?