In the Nick of Time

Sometimes life hands you a challenge, and sometimes a challenge gives you a new life.

For Aurora Weathersby, a simple farmer’s daughter, falling for the mill house owner’s son in Belle, Wyoming was easy as pie. What isn’t easy is seeing Nick Carrington pay no heed to her while he pines for another girl. When the Western Renegades Show comes to a neighboring town and her younger brother wants to go see it, Rorie sees this as her opportunity to catch Nick’s eye once and for all. Little does she know that the show is going to change her entire life…

If it wasn’t for Rorie Weathersby’s temper being as red-hot as her hair, Nick would hardly notice her. As it is, he’s got his eye on another young woman in Belle, but she’s not cooperating. When he sees an opportunity to win her over by organizing a youth excursion into the next town over to see the show, he jumps right on it–never thinking that he’ll be called on to help Rorie find her missing brother.

Then things take an unexpected turn, and Rorie and Nick suddenly find themselves temporarily married. Will they be able to find her brother and bring him back to Belle in time for an important barn raising? Will they want to stay married to each other after all is said and done? And will they ever find the love they’ve both wanted and deserve?

Read each novella in the summer collection of The Belles of Wyoming! The town is growing and more lonely hearts are finding true love!