Natalie’s Surprise Engagement

A jilted bride, hesitant new groom, and set of missing sleigh bells. Will they be able to find them in time for Christmas?

Natalie Partridge’s dream is coming true with the upcoming announcement of her recent engagement and a promotion at the newspaper where she works on the horizon. Then her fiance suddenly breaks off their engagement, and she is presented with an alternate groom. But is he the right man for her?

Drew Shepherd considers himself a nobody. Not only does he always walk in his older brother’s shadow, but he’s been in love with Natalie Partridge for years and she doesn’t seem to know it. When Natalie suddenly finds herself in a tight spot, Drew is in the perfect position to help her. But does she really want him to step in?

Then a special set of Christmas bells goes missing, and the town’s annual Christmas celebration is threatened. Can Natalie and Drew find them in time, and in the process, discover a love of their own?

Natalie’s Surprise Engagement in Book 5 in The Belles of Wyoming series. Celebrate Christmas with five belles and their grooms in 1885 in the charming town of Belle.