The Trouble with Lucy

He traveled to the ends of the earth for her, and is now seeking her hand in marriage. But what if she wants to give it to his brother instead?

Belle, Wyoming, 1882

It all started fifteen years ago with a bald-faced lie. When John Turnpike started paying attention to young and impressionable Lucy Mae Jackson, she thought it might lead to a marriage proposal. Instead, it led to heartache and such overwhelming humiliation, Lucy determined from that day forward she would never let anyone get the best of her again. Turning a sharp tongue on others before they could strike with theirs was the only way to protect her fragile heart. That, and ignoring John and his handsome but unpolished twin brother, Joel, until Joel finally decided to leave town.

Now someone is sending Lucy Mae anonymous love letters–right before Valentine’s Day! Figuring it must be another hoax, Lucy Mae decides to take action. She must figure out who the prankster is while trying to avoid the townspeople’s speculation. Or is her secret admirer John, whose wife has recently died and left him with four children to raise? Lucy might be willing to help him out if she can get him to say the words, “I love you.” That’s the trouble with Lucy–always jumping to conclusions, never thinking there might be another explanation–one that involves Joel.