An Agent for Meg

He betrayed her once. When the call to become a Pinkerton agent comes with a mandate that they marry, will she let him into her heart again?

Growing up as the daughter of a renowned paleontologist, Meg Ashwood never wanted for potential suitors, but none of them caught her attention for long–until she fell for Ephraim Porter. Hard. Then learned that Ephraim wasn’t even his first name. Carl Porter was a Pinkerton agent, and he’d been hired to watch over her! Her humiliation complete, Meg could only be grateful to know she would never have to see him again. Or does she?

Carl Ephraim Porter never wanted to lie to Meg Ashwood. The beautiful but spoiled young woman was like a drink of water in a hot desert for the Pinkerton agent who had lost his wife and little boy. Unfortunately, when the day of reckoning came, she wanted nothing to do with him. But that was several months ago. Now Carl’s being asked to train Meg, Archie Gordon’s newest recruit–as her temporary husband. The only problem is they’re caught up in a case that requires them to work in an insane asylum. In order for them to have a second chance at love, Carl is going to have to do more than pull out his charms. He’s going to have to lay everything on the line for Meg–including his own life.

Read each clean romantic mystery novella in The Pinkerton Matchmaker series and go along with these couples as they find their quarries–and the love of their lifetimes.