An Agent for Sarah

He’s been hired to catch the person trying to stop an important wedding. Too bad he doesn’t want the wedding to happen, either.

May 1878

When Mark Wilson rescued young Sarah Packard from the blazing inferno that was supposed to kill both her and her parents seven years ago, the only thing that mattered to him was their safety. Now she’s all set to marry another man, and his heart feels like it’s being ripped in two. Mark figures the only thing he can do at this point is to let her go. That is, if he can convince himself to move on. Signing up with the Pinkerton Detective Agency might be his only salvation. With a heavy heart, he leaves Virginia for Denver, Colorado, never thinking that he’ll be assigned to stop the person who’s trying to sabotage Sarah’s wedding—or that he’ll get a chance to change her mind.

Sarah Packard isn’t sure whether to be angry at Mark Wilson for leaving her at the most crucial time in her life or glad that he’s returning for her wedding, especially since he’s bringing along another guest—this one of the female persuasion. What’s more, doubts about the man she’s supposed to marry are swirling in her head. Is he the right match for her? Why didn’t Mark speak for her when he had the chance? Did he not love her the way she always loved him? When a saboteur lets loose amidst her wedding preparations, Sarah can’t help but turn to the man she trusts the most. Working together, surely they can solve the case. And they must—because things are turning deadly.

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