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Hi! Welcome to my new website for my BRAND NEW PEN NAME! I’m so excited to be writing historical Western romance. I’ve been writing semi-professionally under my real name, Laura L. Walker, for four years now and have eight contemporary inspirational books, along with a few short stories that appear in anthologies, under my belt. It’s been quite a ride!

But now it’s time to turn back to the past. I have enjoyed reading authors of historical Western romance such as Mary Connealy, Karen Witemeyer, and Erica Vetsch for a long time. Earlier this year, I completed a three-book series that was specifically written for a niche market, and I knew that writing billionaire romances wasn’t for me, although I do occasionally like to read them, so I was looking for other venues to write. Since I’ve been a historical Western reader for several years, this just seemed to be a natural step. THEN, after I mapped out a new series about the Oregon Trail (which I still intend to write!) I met a wonderful writer named Christine Sterling, who invited me to join a group of writers in a series about the lead Pinkerton agent managing the Denver office in 1871. He has just received orders from headquarters in Chicago to hire more female detectives. However, there is a problem: they need to be trained . . . and the best candidates to train them are the male detectives under Archie . . . but training in such close quarters would be scandalous unless they marry. So it is Archie’s job to pair each couple according to skills and personality. Wow, what a tough job! But he’s up to the task.

The first story in this fun new series just went live. It’s written by Christine and another talented writer, Marianne Spitzer. Grab it today on Amazon!


Aside from Christine Sterling and Marianne Spitzer, allow me to share the names of the other ten fabulous authors who are contributing to this series! Amelia Adams, Sophie Dawson, Laura Beers, Kate Marie Clark, Marie Higgins, Patricia PacJac Carroll, Rebecca Connelly, Nerys Leigh, H.L. Roberts, and Parker J. Cole have been awesome ladies to work with.

We’re holding a Facebook launch party tomorrow night. Be sure to join us! We’ll have lots of games and prizes. Come and find out more about each book in the series and when they’ll be released. My book, An Agent for Elizabeth, is book 7 and will be released on November 30. I’ll be sharing more behind-the-scenes stuff about her and Stephen, the agent she’ll be paired with, a little later. Until then,




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