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Can You Match the Book and Excerpt?

Welcome to the first Book and Excerpt matching game hosted by me, Julia Ridgmont. In my latest newsletter, which I send out every two weeks (if you aren’t subscribing to it, click here and let’s take care of that first) I introduced this game by sharing three excerpts from my older stories. If you haven’t read them yet, here’s where you can see the challenge.

Dah-da-da-dah (drum roll):

Excerpt 1 belongs to . . . . .


A Home for Christmas

Being a mail-order bride had to be a tough thing in the Old West! I realize this sort of thing still happens today, but back then, there was no internet, and even pictures were hard to come by. To marry a virtual stranger, a woman had to be brave–or desperate. And I added a little of both to Leah Ackerman’s situation. Pastor Blake Jefferies, though not amused initially by Leah teaching his daughter what a jack-0-lantern was, learned to appreciate Leah’s unique perspective from growing up in an orphanage, along with her wonderful gift of loving others.


Excerpt #2 goes to . . . . .


Emeline’s Redemption

Emeline and Richard were a sweet couple to write about, and their children, too. Who could resist smart but rambunctious Terrence and shy, quiet Jemma? Emeline couldn’t, and for that we’re grateful because Richard’s sister-in-law had some evil plans concerning them. The Lord’s intervention, along with Emeline’s quick thinking, saved the day!


And last but not least, Excerpt #3 belongs to . . . . . .


An Agent for Elizabeth

Stephen and Elizabeth are a special couple to me. I was still learning how to tell an engaging story that takes place in the Wild West, and the idea of writing a female Pinkerton agent intimidated me a little bit, much like I imagined a young woman who had been born into wealth and had been pampered all her life would feel if she were suddenly thrust into that profession. Elizabeth and I both conquered our fears, and she made a wonderful wife for marriage-shy Stephen!


Did you enjoy this game? Let me know what you thought of it. Maybe we’ll play it again in the future. In the meantime, happy reading!




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