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Two New Stories for You!

While reading a series, have you ever wished you could just reading straight through books 1, 2, 3, etc. without stopping or having to wait for the next installment? Well, that is how the Belles of Wyoming multi-author series is designed. In the past, the other authors in the series and I have released 5 books back-to-back in a week’s time so that readers have five new stories to read. And even though they are shorter stories, readers have really enjoyed them.

Well, I’ve got some awesome news to share with you. We have opened the summer collection to several new authors (but probably not new to you), and in less than a month, we will begin releasing 20 new books! That’s right, for four straight weeks in September, five books will be released daily Monday – Friday, each of them taking place in the town of Belle, Wyoming. If you haven’t given our fictional town a try, what better time to do so than now?

One terrific way you can keep up with the goings-on in this series is by joining our special Belles of Wyoming Readers Group on Facebook. By joining, you’ll get to meet all the wonderful authors and interact with other excited readers, enter contests, and get the behind the scenes info on research, deleted scenes, etc. It’s a really great place to be! Right now, through the month of August, each author is sharing info about their book on a day that is dedicated just for them. If you like games and prizes, join us today!

For the Belles of Wyoming summer collection, I will actually be publishing two books. The first is titled In the Nick of Time. Our hero, Nick Carrington, thinks he is in love with the saw mill owner’s daughter while Aurora (Rorie) Weathersby secretly wishes he would notice her. Then, when her brother goes missing and Nick offers to help her find him, his eyes might just be opened to the beautiful, sincere young lady she is. This story also features the Western Renegades Show, which I patterned after Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show back in the late 1800s. It was a lot of fun to write about it! The best thing about this story is that it is available for preorder, so you don’t have to wait to grab your copy. Then, when it releases on September 3, it will go straight to your Kindle and be ready for you to enjoy!

You can preorder it here: In the Nick of Time

The second story I’m writing for the Belles of Wyoming summer collection is titled Daring to Love Again. Look for it to be available for preorder on August 28. In this story, Darius Henderson is trying to overcome his past–a past where he suffered the consequences of someone else’s actions. Now he just wants a fresh start, and he thinks he’s found it in the sleepy little town of Belle. That is, until his past catches up with him! Will he be able to clear his name so that he can win the girl he’s been falling for? Find out in Daring to Love Again!


I hope you will join authors Christine Sterling, P. Creeden, Cyndi Raye, Ginny Sterling, Lisa Prysock, Jenna Brandt, Amelia C. Adams, Cheryl Wright, Margaret Tanner, Mare Higgins, Mimi Milan, Rose Castro, Jo Grafford, Marisa Masterson, Patricia PacJac Carroll, and Lynn Donovan for a fun-filled September!

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