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The Belles of Wyoming Summer Collection II

For the second half of September, we have 1o more Belles of Wyoming books coming your way! At this point, I’ve read several of them, and I have to say, this is a fabulous collection! These authors are so talented, I keep wondering how in the world they come up with such intricate plots. Wow! Which one has been your favorite so far? Which one(s) of these below look enticing to you? All of them, you say? Wonderful! Grab a book or two and immerse yourself in the nostalgic town of Belle.


Summer’s Love by Patricia PacJac Carroll

Summer Vance finds injured animals and brings them home to her veterinarian father to mend, but when she finds cowboy-wannabe Spencer Brannon limping on the prairie, her dad just might need to mend her heart, too.

Spencer Brannon wants to prove he can be as tough as his Wyoming cousins, but after he trades in his Connecticut suits for spurs, chaps, and the open range, he realizes he falls a little short, and he sure doesn’t need a love-struck girl following him around.

But nothing can spark love quicker than a summer storm and a blossoming young woman who believes in a young man and his dreams.


The Prairie Princess by Lisa M. Prysock

Joshua Stanton is a handsome Virginia widower with a tomboy daughter named Ambrosia. When he brings her to live in Belle, Wyoming and soon after inherits the family ranch, Silver Aspen, he also inherits the informal title his Pa used to hold, ‘The Cattle King.’ Now, he’s one of the largest Cattle Barons in the area. Running the ranch is a tremendous job for someone who has been a Virginia crop farmer studying philosophy, theology, and agriculture most of his life. To make matters worse, the weight of the world is on his shoulders when Ambrosia is expelled from school in the middle of her term.

Lady Mia has inherited her mother’s beautiful Italian looks and a courtesy title from her English father. She is escaping an arranged marriage to an Earl from Devonshire. Instead of marrying, she has convinced her father and friends in America to indulge her one passion. Now she’ll be free to explore the American western frontier and pioneer life as the new governess for Mr. Stanton’s daughter. However, avoiding her attraction to Joshua Stanton may prove to be more of a challenge than transforming his tomboy daughter.


Whispers of Yesterday by Marie Higgins

Sabine Clayborne is running from someone she’s never met before, but they are after a keepsake given to her by her father. She must do everything she can to keep it out of the thief’s hands. When she stumbles upon a man from her past, she’s hesitant to believe he is the man who will help her. He’d broken her heart once, and she isn’t about to let him do it again.

Bounty Hunter, Grange Keller is looking for a woman from his past. He’s being paid to find her, but it’s his conscience that tells him to help her instead. There was a reason he left her years ago, but now he needs to protect her. People are after her inheritance – a treasure she never knew she had. Can he do his job without losing his heart?


Butterfly Kisses by Amelia C. Adams

Mariposa Granger’s parents died when she was just a baby, leaving her in the care of Ellen, her kindly and eccentric aunt. She has always known a loving, nurturing home, but that home hasn’t always been located in the same place—every year or so, Ellen insists that they pack up and move, leaving behind any friends they might have made during their short stay.

When they reach the town of Belle, Wyoming, Mariposa hopes that perhaps now this unexplained wanderlust has run its course and they’ll actually stay for a while. But then Brant Fielding, a young man she met two towns ago, catches up with her and throws her entire world into a loop. Will these new discoveries about her past change her ability to find joy in the future?


Flynn’s Debt by Margaret Tanner

Angus (Gus) Flynn’s life has been ruined by war. He lives a reclusive existence on an isolated farm near the Wyoming town of Belle. All he wants is to be left alone to grapple with his demons and try to get on with his life.

Joey Lascelles is fleeing for her life because of her father’s drunken boast about Confederate gold being buried on his Colorado farm. Outlaws want the gold and will stop at nothing to get it.

With nowhere else to hide, Joey undertakes a perilous journey to Gus’ farm, hoping he will give her sanctuary.

Joey’s father once gave Gus the greatest gift a man can bestow on another – he saved him from certain death. Helping Joey will repay the debt and relieve the burden of guilt Gus has carried around for years. But what will happen when Gus discovers Joey is a girl?


September’s Switch by Mimi Milan

The fact that they can both use “Ana” as a nickname is about the only similarity between twin sisters, Analis and Ariana Torres. Well, that and the obvious… they look exactly alike. Perhaps that’s why Analis believes she can step in and marry a complete stranger when the proposed bride — her “forever irresponsible” sister — runs off. After all, it’s not like Analis has much to live for in her corner of the Bronx barrio anyway. An out-of-work actress struggling to make ends meet, she figures there are worse things in life than being married to a well-to-do rancher. So, she signs the contract and is married by proxy. Then she hops the first train to Belle, Wyoming.

Analis arrives in the bustling small town, eager to play the part of wife… but is she ready to assume the role of mother, too?


Daring to Love Again by Julia Ridgmont

Darius Clark’s sole ambition is to stay clear of scheming females. He’s already been burned by love once. He doesn’t want to repeat his mistakes of the past. What’s more, Jillian Yount’s father seems to see right through him. Darius knows he’ll never be able to convince the saw mill owner in Belle that he’s a decent man who will treat his daughter right, so why even try?

But when her father makes an unknown enemy, Darius finally gets a chance to prove his worth. Will he be able to piece together the truth in time to save both the saw mill and Jillian from the enemies of his past? Can he unlock the pain from his past and embrace the future with a new heart? And will he finally find the courage to make Jillian a permanent part of his life?


A Matter of Marriage by Christine Sterling

When a misunderstanding leaves Audrey James’ reputation in tatters, she needs to figure out a way to recover her good name with the town of Belle, Wyoming. No matter how she denies it, the townsfolks think she is an entitled, loose woman and the only way she can recover her reputation is to get married, and quickly. What she didn’t count on was a unique offer from Hunter Lawson, who had a reputation worse than hers!

Hunter Lawson ignores what the town says about him. They blame him for the death of his wife, but no more than Hunter blames himself. But when his boys become the target of gossip, he acts just to protect them. Realizing Audrey is in the same predicament, he offers her a solution to both of their problems – she now has a name to protect her and he has a mother for his boys. The only condition, they never fall in love.

Will Audrey take Hunter up on his unique proposal? What happens when Audrey falls in love with her broody husband and his two sons? Can they change the way the town sees them and mend their reputations before someone tries to malign them again?


Change of Heart by Ginny Sterling

Time has a way of breaking even the strongest of men… or women!

Grace Harding blindly promised her hand in marriage to save her mother from the streets. She never imagined that agreeing to the arrangement would deliver her straight into a nightmare of her own making. Everything she could have ever wanted in a man, she found in George’s smile.

George Madison had nearly been destroyed by his addictions. Fighting his own personal demons, he found himself enchanted by another temptation. On his way to Belle to reunite with his family, a beautiful woman stole his heart. Grace was breathtaking, kind, but off-limits… promised to another man.

When two souls are torn between duty and love, can a sudden change of heart be just what they needed?


The Barn Raising by Christine Sterling

Rosalie couldn’t believe it when she married the handsome and kind, Martin Davis! All of her childhood dreams were coming true. The only thing missing was a baby. But when she brings it up, Martin appears cold and uninterested.

Emotion doesn’t come easy for Martin Davis. If he is so head over heels in love with his new wife, she should know it, even if he doesn’t say the words. His primary concern is to be a provider for them both, not have babies right now! When an accident leaves him paralyzed, he wonders how he can ever be the husband that Rosalie needs.

Can Rosalie convince Martin that even if he can’t walk, he isn’t half a man? Can Martin overcome the news that he may never be a father now? Will his hurt push Rosalie away, or pull her closer? Can the town of Belle, Wyoming pull together to help this new couple rebuild their lives?




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